What we believe in. Our why.

We believe.

We believe in the power of great brands. Great brands are made and managed by great leaders and exceptional employees. In todays high-paced society, everything needs a purpose. Life, products, companies and people. Organizations with an outspoken purpose perform better and retain more talent than the ones that don´t. Your purpose is directly linked to your brand. Actually, your brand cannot exist without it. And your organization cannot exist without its brand.

Ask why. Often. Why do we believe in efficient brand architectures, simplified brand strategies and a crystal clear DNA? Because they matter. More than anything. Today, and tomorrow.

We have to choose our clients, just as you have to choose your advisors. We are challengers. We are here to challenge you. And to make you great.

Your brand manifests your organizations future. Together we will outperform your competition and maximize your brands potential. If you are ready for an organizational challenge, are willing to embrace positive change, and have a vision of leading the best possible version of your brand – Then, we should be working together!

Great brands are more than an assignment. They are a long-term project.

Why does this matter?

Because our world is full of bad branding, messy brand architectures, and misunderstood concepts and strategies. We truly believe that great brands can change the world, just like great ideas can, and that we can be part of – or even drive – that change.

Welcome to thebrandproject*

Oh yeah, in terms of “why” – have a look at Simon’s five minute TED talk: