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Leading Thought: The fashion industry has come of age, and still thrives on a very traditional business model. When everybody is rushing online MATCH is a strong proof that excellent service, high quality and a powerful interpretation of the fashion needs of the masses can prove very fruitful. We are thrilled to be a part of their further success story and strengthening this great Norwegian fashion brand even more.

Meet them here:

Voice Norge – MATCH Fashion


Have a look here: www.voice.no and here www.matchfashion.no

MATCH is one of Norway’s largest fashion chains with over 100 stores in Norway, and is owned by the fashion house Voice Norge AS. Focusing on good quality and a timeless and classical style, both women and men will always find outfits for the many occasions of life.

Good quality and value for money is important for both us and our customers. This, along with a good and inspiring shopping experience, will be in the center when you visit our stores. Large selection, skilled employees, great tools for guidance and inspirational activities help make this possible. We can help you with good tips and advice, put together outfits and wardrobes. We wnt our customers to perceive Match as open, inclusive and inspiring in all their meetings with us. If you have tips for how we can be even better, we would love to hear from you too!

*Like we said before, this is not about us, it´s about them. Or you. We will not disclose the exact work we have done for our clients, however, we describe them here, because they deserve it. Great clients, with great branding and edgy positioning strategies.