What we do.

Who we are.

thebrandproject* is a truly global network of transformation and branding advisors, paired with business strategists and global foresight experts.

We believe that our business model defines the agency of the future – pairing pinnacle competence to individually identified client needs.

Enablers of growth.

Our mission is to enable and drive greatness – for brands and their leaders alike. We are simplifying challengers and transform businesses by finding their essence, simplifying their brand portfolio and create winning cultures.

We focus on being the enablers of measurable brand growth within our clients portfolios. As such, brand management stands at the core of everything we do, and how we do it.


We use communication as powerful tool for positive change, and create unique brand stories together with our clients. Established as a pinnacle initiative in 2016, our collective has worked with transforming and branding businesses in more than 30 countries, and our global reach spans from Singapore in the East to San Fransisco in the West.

thebrandproject* is a registered Norwegian limited liability company (AS) based in Oslo, Norway.

Our Services

the insight project

*Great branding depends on excellent insight – both from within the organization and the outside. Knowing where your organizations stands vs where your customers want you to be is an essential tool for brand and business success.

the strategy project

*Great strategies create the core of great brands. Deciding on your purpose, your DNA, your identity. Developing your brand architecture will fundamentally change your business. Ask yourself if your portfolio is optimized, or if it could be developed for better performance and brand value.

the story project

*Your brand needs a compelling story. A story that by itself can trigger desire, understanding, and ultimately, true customer loyalty – if the organization is able to deliver on it. Brand stories are directly related to your brand essence, the heart of your brand.

the identity and design project

*Design creates visual and tangible value. Great design enables your brand to move, develop and win over the competition. Design is a strategic business tool. From identity design to brand and product development. Your key brand concept should be reflected in your key design choices. Our design network is global, and globally proven.

the culture project

*Peter Drucker believes that culture eats strategy for breakfast. Any day. And he is right. Your brand will never come alive if your organizational culture doesn´t embrace it, love it and develop it every day. Create concepts and culture projects that enable your brand. And make it operational.

the architecture project

*A brands architecture or existing portfolio requires in depth understanding of how these brands interact, how they possibly create silos within the organization or in what way they possibly add complexity to the overall offering. Streamlining and simplifying your portfolio will enable your brand to be stronger, create a clearer offering and make it simpler to do business with.

the transformation project

*Transformation is necessary, regardless of what stage your brand or your organization is in. The ex-president of NOKIA said last year: “We did not do anything wrong, we just did not change.” which basically means: If you don´t change, you will be removed from the competition. Change is good, and to transform your organization you need a solid foundation and understanding of what your challenges are, what they will be, and where you want to go from here.

the international project

*Any brands endeavours and offerings could be working in a different market. However, different cultures, unknown buying behaviour and country-dependend reactions to trends and macro drivers will influence your brands journey. Internationalization may mean global success or expensive failure. If you do it, do it right.

the communication project

*Communication is the most powerful tool for change and development. No matter what we do as humans, we communicate. And so do the brands we develop, use, love and hate. Your message map should be coherent with your brand essence and the knowledge of your key target audiences.