A little different

When we created this site we wanted it to be simple, nicely designed, and most importantly, delivering a message. We have grown a little tired of firms that only focus on what services they offer, and less on what drives them, what knowledge they possess, and why they do what they do. We have that section, too, if you really want to go there, do it here.  We are not done, by far, but why wait. We´ll change constantly, learn intensely, and listen carefully. All the time.

We are updating weekly. So do come back!

We hope that our site represents a breath of fresh air in the branding and transformation industry (to be honest, who isn´t in that industry today?) and that our focus on interesting content, sometimes from the web, sometimes from our own pen, will make for an interesting read.


Transformation Forum

In the future, we are going to make this site interactive, and create a forum for transformation and branding, and hopefully foster some good discussions and ideas within these super exciting professions.

Posts instead of sites

Most of our information will come in the form of posts on our blog, cases, ideas, thoughts about brand architecture, branding in general, differentiation and generally, stuff we care about.

We hope you enjoy our site. We are building it as we speak, so keep checking back.