logic + magic = value

We are thebrandproject* – where leading brand minds, technology experts, design magicians and business strategist not only talk together (which we know they usually don’t really do) but co-create. With only one end-game. Maximize growth through holistic transformation of your company or product.

In a world where businesses are built and developed based on a set of criteria we have created an offering that differs from most other consultancies in the Nordics. We believe that 1+1 can easily be 3. Or 14. It is the combination and co-creation between different professions that enables companies to truly find opportunities and develop proper growth strategies.
logic + magic = value thebrandproject*

Technology and digitalization are the buzzwords of our time. Leaders of all types of businesses are facing disruption and have to deal with challenges that digitalization and technology-dependency brings with it.

However, technology brings a massive amount of opportunities as well. We believe that we cannot be the best advisors for our clients if we don´t bring in-depth technology understanding and visionary knowledge to the table. Tech by itself is not enough either, as an example, the quest for putting business into AI is a challenge that technology alone cannot solve. We believe that technology needs to talk and co-create with the brand or brands of the organization. To create a holistic approach to corporate development the brand needs to be put at the core of all endeavors. And that is where creativity comes in.

The notion of a great concept, a sound brand strategy and brand architecture, and a powerful identity demand both a creative and strong strategic approach, which can take the company from its current state to its desired future state.

Of course, this will only prevail if technology is the tool used for implementation and formation.

We call it logic + magic = value, a simple equation, really. Here our thoughts thrown at you – graphically:

logic + magic = value holistic business transformation triangle thebrandproject

Technology is dependent on business, business is dependent on technology, and both of them are dependent on people and human interaction – where branding and creativity matters and connects.

Combining the three dimensions seems to be the only viable option for creating real change, real growth and real value.

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