Our Approach to Strategic Transformation

Identity Driven Strategic Development

We thought it was a good idea to save you some time and make a quick post about our general services. Sounds interesting? Well then, get in touch! We are here for you.



*Our entire process is made for flexibility, and forms the basis of all our work. Essentially, we can step in at any point and in any dimension, depending on what stage your organization is in, or what needs we identify during the one session we always do – the Compass Workshop. 

Compass™ Workshop – If you don´t know where you want to go, all roads will lead you there… (Alice in Wonderland) Our compass workshop is an essential part of great transformation – and creates the foundation of any project with us. It creates the goals and general starting point for the change process.

Brand Intelligence in the form of a brand audit creates a solid, fact based foundation for organizational development. It gives an exact image of the “status quo” of the organization.

Brand Essence (Brand Platform) – The core of any organization, or even a product is the brand essence, defining who we are, where we want to go, and how we are going to get there. This is based on the brand triangle – which you can see here.

The Core Narrative creates the visionary base of the brand.

Overall Organizational Strategy – Before moving forward, the management team needs to agree on the overall strategy of the organization. Align, plan, implement.

Organizational Dimensions of Change – We address all areas of business development and strategy that are dependent on your brand, from marketing to product developent, from innovation to management and leadership.

-> Once these steps are completed or in existence, we can move on towards the dimensions of organizational transformation and implementation…and go for the WIN!

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