Gang of Four – Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook

How about this?

  • Apple added 51 billion dollars to its top line alone – last year.
  • Amazon controls 43% of all e-commerce.
  • Facebook is more successful than Buddah, and Google is taking over advertising and everything else.
  • Advertising is becoming a tax “only poor people pay”.
  • Two companies control 50% of the global mobile advertising market.
  • Amazon and Apple grew by 65billion dollars. Which is more than Mercedes, BMW, Toyota and Chrysler combined.
  • Amazon does not want to be profitable – it runs on break even.
  • “Apple Watch sales are a failure” – the failure took the entire share of Samsung away overnight (74%). Apple Watch is the second largest watch brand in the world. In its first year.
  • Apple has lost its mission – we only evaluate them based on the context of new products. Absence of vision keeps Apple away from a trillion $.

If you think the above sentences are an interesting read, this 15 minute talk by Scott Galloway will readjust your reality perception field.

One of the above companies will surpass 1 Trillion $ within the next three years. The question remains – which companies will be a part of this extreme growth and commercial influence, and which will cease to exist.

Here it is: