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About the CSDF: The Civil Society Development Foundation (CSDF) is an independent, non–governmental organisation, established in 1994, following an initiative of the European Commission. CSDF is an “organisation for organisations”, sharing the belief that the very development of non–governmental organisations is an indicator of the progress of communities and citizens.

CSDF’s growth has been certainly connected to the changing needs of the Romanian non–governmental organisations (NGOs): in the first half of the 1990s, we catered to the immediate need for funding of the emerging national NGO sector, through grant programs, while later on we gradually added new programs and services designed to meet specific needs identified in every development stage of the non–governmental sector.

Reaching out to other categories of stakeholders and target groups, which had become more and more relevant for the overall development of the civil society, CSDF is currently pursuing its mission by providing services not only to NGOs, but also to public administration, the business sector, journalists, academia. Our grant programs, information services, consultancy and training, as well as advocacy, coalition and platform building program are interconnected and with a mutual added valued. That is what makes us different and comprehensive in its approach on the development of the civil society.

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