Dimensions of Change

Transformation – dimensions of brand-driven organizational change

We have developed a simplified and holistic process to cover these core elements for brand-driven organizational transformation – all of these address critical parts of the organizational brand, and guide change agents to build a strong foundation for greatness. And greatness means conquering market share, grow, and becoming the absolute best you can be.

Preceding the dimensions explained below, high level strategic decisions have to have been made. These decisions entail amongst others:

  • Long term ambitions
  • Positioning
  • Competitive edge
  • Uniqueness & Core Focus
  • DNA and overall brand strategy

transformation dimensions the brand projectIdentity & Design:
How does our identity match our ambitions and audiences? Is there room for modernization and development. Can we find an identity and design elements that serve our future position and ambitions? Developing design, identities and spaces.

Organization & Culture:
Organizational development, competence development, learning, measurements and ambitions, management, bonuses and systems.  Internal communications and implementation of brand platform.

Services, products and innovation:
What is the offering, how does it fit the strategic landscape and how shall this be developed, packaged and sold. How are we working with innovation and learning? Digitalization. How do we serve our customers? How do we add value added services today, and tomorrow and how do we develop these services?

Communication & Messaging:
How do we build our brand, our tone of voice, our messaging and the stories we tell. And how do me communicate our USPs to a new or existing market. How do we take and strengthen our position. Brand & Communication Strategy & tactical plan.

Brand Portfolio Management:
What architecture should we chose? How can we manage our brand(s) most effectively and as closely matched to customer demands and expectations as possible? What happens to our brand(s) in case of M&A scenarios? Should we chose a masterbrand strategy or become a portfolio-managing house of brands?


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