Our Experience

International branding and transformation expertise.

We are not the ones to talk much about our clients, neither will you be able to read exactly what we have done for whom. Why? Because it is not about us. It is about them. Or you. And mostly, results will speak for themselves. We are here to help great leaders create great brands, not to celebrate our firm.

This firm, thebrandproject* is founded and run by senior branding and transformation professionals. The people you meet here have worked (and are working) with amazing brands, great leaders and fantastic employees – both globally and in the Nordic region.

This company is built on the belief that a professional, flexible and global alliance of pinnacle professionals will be able to provide tailor made, high-end solutions to a wide variety of clients and challenges. We believe that different challenges demand different people, and we are certain that we can provide you with the best change agents and business transformers available.

We have had plenty of opportunities of changing the way business is done and our network includes some of the absolute best international advisors.

Here are some of the brands our key people had the great pleasure of working with in the past.


client experience

We are simplifying challengers – welcome to our project: thebrandproject*

Well then, if you want to know more about how we work, who we work with, and why we believe in what we do – be in touch!