the liquid organization

by Robert Leinders-Krog  (this article appeared on in Norwegian, click here to read it) It is that time of the year again. The management team and a gang of consultants have decided that it is necessary to reorganize the company. Create a new organizational chart, remove positions, create new ones, find new people for new roles, define a new … Read More

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions – How to Secure Transformation Success by Robert D.B. Leinders-Krog Today, more than ever before, mergers & acquisitions are brand-driven choices for continuous growth and development of an organization. However, merging or acquiring another brand requires a clear understanding of the forces that come in play when integrating an organization – effectively transforming it into a new … Read More

2017 Nation Brand Report

The Nation Brand Report Brand Finance Nation Brand Report is out. And since we are Scandinavian, and Norway-based, here the take on the Nation Brand Report with Norway as a first point of review. Nation brands play a significant role in how we perceive a commercial brand, how we connect with it and why we believe in its offering. Based … Read More

Living The Brand

Buzzword alert – “living the brand” seems to be an expression that could need a little deeper perspective. Living  the brand roots back to the general perception of brands and branding, and involves a lot more than just adhering to established brand guidelines, which usually tend to address a lot of logo and very little culture. If an organization really “lives … Read More

Core Narrative – A Strategic Foundation

The Quest for a Core Narrative Why would you read this article? Why are you here? Right here, right now? What is the context of your visit and your engagement to this article or the belief system you are about to enter into? Our belief system to be exact. Our belief in the power of great core narratives. The Foundation First, … Read More

logic + magic = value

We are thebrandproject* – where leading brand minds, technology experts, design magicians and business strategist not only talk together (which we know they usually don’t really do) but co-create. With only one end-game. Maximize growth through holistic transformation of your company or product. In a world where businesses are built and developed based on a set of criteria we have created an offering that … Read More

Why Strategic Transformation?

Strategic transformation. More specifically brand-based strategic transformation. Disruption of status quo. Creation of a new position. Realization of ambitions. That is what we say we do – and we thought it might be a good idea to share what we actually mean.  Transformation as such has been around ever since evolution has started (for those of you who believe in … Read More

Five pointers why a brand audit is a crucial tool for better growth

Market forces are changing. Fast. Everything is under attack, and classic business models are up for grabs – and destruction. If your organization is running on a business model that has not changed much for the past decade or more, chances are that disruption is coming. We live in an age of change, and change is good. But change is … Read More

Expanding your brand into Norway

Norway – a growth arena for international brands The Norwegian market has become a very attractive arena for international brands to expand into. As most of Scandinavia, Norway itself is generally a very forward thinking country, and more often than not, new technology is swiftly adapted. Already today, Norway’s consumer and business brand sphere is full of successful international products … Read More

Dimensions of Change

Transformation – dimensions of brand-driven organizational change We have developed a simplified and holistic process to cover these core elements for brand-driven organizational transformation – all of these address critical parts of the organizational brand, and guide change agents to build a strong foundation for greatness. And greatness means conquering market share, grow, and becoming the absolute best you can … Read More