Erichsen & Horgen

As an absolute pinnacle engineering consultancy, Erichsen & Horgen are involved in the most prestigious and difficult building projects in Norway. Being “best in class” comes with some challenges, specifically based on the consolidation of essentially the entire competitive landscape. Consolidating services and creating one-stop-shops is not the strategy of Erichsen & Horgen. They will continue down on their independent … Read More

Kongsberg Digital &

Kongsberg Gruppen – Kongsberg Digital & Industry __ Maritime, Off- and onshore industry __ Digital & Software Services __ Machine Learning & Business Transformation Services __ Strategic Brand Audit __ Brand Strategy & Core Narrative __ Customer & Digital Journey Leading Thought: The digital transformation of on- and offshore industries has been a trend and extreme necessity in recent years. One of the great Norwegian … Read More

Voice Norge

Voice Norge – MATCH Industry __ Fashion & Retail __ Clothing Design __ Chain Operations Services __ Strategic Brand Audit Leading Thought: The fashion industry has come of age, and still thrives on a very traditional business model. When everybody is rushing online MATCH is a strong proof that excellent service, high quality and a powerful interpretation of the fashion needs of the masses … Read More

WWL ASA – Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics ASA Industry __ Global Logistics & Shipping __ Port Management __ Vehicle Management __ Supply Chain Management  Services __ Brand Architecture Feasibility Analysis __ Implementation Perspective __ Brand Research Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics delivers innovative and sustainable global shipping and logistics solutions for manufacturers of cars, trucks, heavy equipment and specialised cargo. WWL’s sophisticated supply chain solutions ensure an efficient integration of ocean transportation, inland distribution, … Read More


Sapa Group Industry __ Global Industry __ Aluminium __ Innovation __ Global M&A  Services __ Core Narrative | Brand Story Sapa Group (Sapa Building System) Your development and manufacturing partner  With over 50 years of aluminium extrusion expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and continuous improvement, we lead the industry. Our mission: A sustainable world We are fortunate to work with a flexible, endlessly recyclable and lightweight material. … Read More

Modern Times Group

Modern Times Group (MTG) Industry __ TV & Media __ Innovation __ Radio __ Productions   Services __ Brand Audit __ Strategic Development & Transformation Leading Thought: Classic television is fading, modern and disruptive platforms and formats are taking over, and classic advertising tactics cannot keep up with (or reach) the modern consumer. In this age of disruption, the market needs global players that dare to make … Read More

EEA Grants

EEA Grants & Romanian NGOs Industry__ Non Governmental Organization Services__ Branding & Communications Master Class About the CSDF: The Civil Society Development Foundation (CSDF) is an independent, non–governmental organisation, established in 1994, following an initiative of the European Commission. CSDF is an “organisation for organisations”, sharing the belief that the very development of non–governmental organisations is an indicator of the progress of … Read More

Bulk Infrastructure

BULK Infrastructure Industry __ Logistics __ Warehousing __ Infrastructure __ Digital Infrastructure & Warehousing Services __ Brand Audit __ Strategic Development & Transformation Leading Thought: What a great company. With forceful focus on sustainability and a transformation ambitions that seeks to be the benchmark for everyone else. Moving the company from physical infrastructure to digital is a tough call, but it is also a very strong message and … Read More

Instabank ASA

INSTABANK ASA Industry __ Banking __ Insurance __ Fintech __ Innovation Services __ Brand Audit __ Brand Strategy __ Implementation __ Strategic Development Leading Thought: Banking is under attack and traditional banks are bracing for impact. Global players like Facebook and Google have more than hinted at a future in personal finances, and legislation struggles to keep up with technology and ever-changing customer demands. However, sometimes you … Read More