Our mission.

We have created a place where leading brand minds, technology experts, design magicians and business strategists not only talk together but co-create. 

Together, we transform business and create unique growth opportunities by putting brand first. With you. 

We believe.

We believe that great brands and organizations are able to change the world. And we are here to drive that change and enable true transformation.

We are here for today’s leaders who want to lead the brands of tomorrow.

Change has become part of who we are and what we deal with every day. As an inspired leader, you have to address the everyday challenges, understand possible disruptions before they happen, and lead your organization towards its aspired position in the market. 

Without brand this cannot be done. 

Your brand.

Your brand manifests the future of your organization. Strategies that are brand-independent will not work. Emotional decisions will not work. Outperforming your competition based on what you have always been doing _will_not_work.

It is time for brand clarity. Time to remove the clutter from your portfolio. Simplify and enable your organization, your processes, and your culture. Simplify your offering.

We must warn you that we will challenge you. We combine decades of competence with millennial minds, and collaborate across functions, job titles and firms. As a result, when we work together we will enable you to outperform your competition and maximize your brand’s potential.

Welcome to thebrandproject*.

Our people.

We are a network-based agency, and create small pinnacle teams based on your needs as a client. We believe in cross-disciplinary teams and  collaboration stands at the center of everything we do. 

Let´s create something great together!

Robert D B Leinders-Krog
principal advisor | md
+47 92 88 01 11

Carina Åkredalen
brand strategist | digital head
+47 95 88 21 39

Vetle Fjeldheim
jr. advisor
+47 958 98 731

Eric Stein
jr. advisor & millennial mind
+47 92 81 18 86

Erling Toven
“transformer” | sr associate
+47 959 90 922

Henrik Juel Pettersen
IP lawyer @ Oslo Patent
+47 928 28 576

Kate Moloney
creative director | sr associate
+47 900 23 663